·         Adana Chamber of Commerce, Export Move Group Export Advisory Group Member


·         Organization of Business Trip to Russia with Cooperation of Caucasus Associations and Friendship Clubs, Business Meetings in Krasnodar and Adygea Republic, B2B firm interviews with the participation of RF Novorossisk Commercial Consultant. Project Organizer


·         TRNC Presidency visit and TRNC Chamber of Commerce Business Trip organization with the cooperation of Federation of Caucasian Associations and Friendship Clubs, bilateral meetings.


Project Organizer

·         Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) with friendship platform Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce Business Trip in cooperation with Israel-Turkey Business Council. Project Organizer.


·         Business Trip to Jordan with the Friendship Clubs Platform. Ambassador and Chamber of Commerce and Business and Culture Meetings. Project Organizer.


·         Founding and moderating network of Business Caucaus with 1200 members