Foreign Trade Consultancy

Identifying the needs for financing foreign trade and managing commercial risks,

Special solutions in complex foreign trade transactions,

Support and consultancy for finding buyers (importers) abroad from some special sources,

Support and consultancy for finding suppliers (suppliers) abroad,

Support and consultancy with tailor-made rigor for the most appropriate solution to the needs of the parties, configuration of the process,

Selection of appropriate Payment Methods in Import and Export,

Project-based (transaction-based) detailed Letter of Credit consultancy

Participating in fairs in the companies team; providing interpreting, payment methods and other services,

  • Advance Payment
  • Cash Against Goods
  • Cash Against Documents
  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees and Counter-Guarantees
  • Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

Secure trade with these!

Structured Trade and Commodity Finance

• Foreign trade through transferable letters of credit,
• In particular, in the structuring of complex foreign trade transactions, alternative supports may be offered at every stage of the transactions from pre-production to the end-user. Support and consultancy to ensure that the products with commodity-based commodity characteristics are accepted as collateral in banks and in return for financing;
• Providing financing in return for the collateral of commodity products,
• Financing with commodity pledges under CMA / SMA agreements,
• Financing under the contract of YEDİEMİN,
• Financing the payment to be made to the manufacturer or seller abroad,
• Financing the stock or processing of raw materials or semi-finished goods,
• Financing of the commodity to be sold to the domestic market or contracted
• Financing with the pledge of goods stored for the purpose of issuance,
• Financing of term receivables in forward sales.
Let’s work together with your projects by using alternative financing methods for the period from the supply phase of the commodity to the beginning of the cash return, let us evaluate your risks, and arrange the structure by discussing with various banks.

Country Credits

Companies importing investment goods from abroad are provided from foreign correspondent banks, under the insurance of Export Credit Agency (ECA) and through the guarantee of banks, medium or long term financing. ECA organizations provide insurance for the exportation of exports from their countries. Country Loans are suitable for companies that need medium and long term resources when importing investment goods. In such loans, the exporter company pays his money in advance from the correspondent / intermediary bank and the importer realizes the payment with maturity. 85% of the purchase-sale contract is financed and 15% is transferred by the importer company in advance to the exporter company.

In addition, in some transactions, the Bank tries to obtain a more favorable price than Country Loans by conducting a special and bank based discounted letter of credit pricing. Generally, the system works with one year grace period and the next 6 months with interest and principal payment.

Treasury Products

Protect from Foreign Exchange Risk with Forward, Futures, Options, Swap

Solutions for Business Development

  • To obtain secure trade supports from the world’s top 3 intelligence companies, to develop and grow business as safe with export and domestic market insurance services within the scope of brokerage services in the export and domestic market,
  • Evaluation of factoring facilities,
  • Providing active support to companies that want to expand their business in foreign markets through sectoral consultants in the country related to ”Trade Development” Service, providing information about state aids, benefiting from advantages.
  • Training Seminars, Interactive Foreign Trade Meetings, one-to-one trainings special for persons

Signing and Discounting Transactions

Thanks to these products, you can collect your export price before the due date by working with the country, amount, maturity, bank details etc., namely by making the structure of the process convenient and you don’t have to use your bank credit limits. Let’s make discounting for your documents.

  • ”Provide your documents, get your rate”

You can discount without recourse, without waiting for the due date of the letter of credit, prepaid, with or without credit and with the appropriate documents.

You can discount your policies with acceptance credit bank and you can get pre-financing.

  • ”When the due date confirmation is made, the price is in your account”

While your receivables are discounted which arise from the export transactions with the guarantee limit of the correspondent banks which have a credit limit in the banks, you provide a more healthy financing for your company balance sheet.

We Reduce Your Business Tisks Together

  • Establishing foreign trade transactions based on letter of credit,
  • Configuring and editing warranty and counter guarantee
  • In consultation with expert banks of the relevant country, providing a competitive advantage by providing support to special export letters of credit in different structures planned to be opened/have been opened from risky countries with risk sharing with international organizations, facilitating exports with various models, to provide alternative solutions,
  • Easy access, consultation to ICC Turkey,

Loans for Export Financing

Bank Based Loans

These are the loans that are offered exclusively to the exporting companies with alternative maturity structures from the Bank’s resources. In the context of the Capital Markets Circular, these loans, which are provided with the condition that the exports to be carried out within a certain period of time after the use of credit, have tax advantages as per the legislation. In accordance with the needs of the companies which export/will export, it is provided within the credit limits allocated in banks.

Turkish Eximbank Based Loans

Türk Eximbank supports exporters, export-oriented producers and entrepreneurs operating abroad with their short, medium-long term cash and non-cash loan programs. In addition, in order to encourage the sale of futures and increase its export volume and to facilitate the entry into new and target markets, it also insures the forward export receivables.

T.Eximbank Loan Types: 

  • Short-Term Export Loans
  • Featured Loans
  • Loans within the Scope of Foreign Exchange
  • Export Preparation Credits
  • Medium Term Long Term Working Capital and Investment Loans for Exports
  • European Investment Bank Loan
  • Export-oriented production Finance Loan
  • Loans for Free Zones

The banks are heavily mediated by Turkish Eximbank loans and the maturity structure, interest rates and loan types of these loans vary according to market conditions. The necessary information can be obtained from regarding the details of the loans, application principles and interest rates.